Graphic Capture (or Graphic Recording) is the real-time, visual representation of content leveraging an array of visual tools including color, lines, pictures, metaphor, diagram, timeline and text. It's often done on large 4x8ft sheets of paper at conferences, trainings, brainstorming and planning meetings. The process can also be digital!

What value does Graphic Capture add?

During your event or session:

  • represent the content and essence of the session in a captivating, easily-accessible way
  • differentiate your meeting
  • make people feel heard by seeing their words captured
  • give people a way to see the big picture of the session in real-time
  • leverage the tools that only visual thinking provides
  • spotlight next steps and take-aways dynamically

After your event:

  • keep the momentum
  • give participants a visual story-board and a personalized reminder and to share the message
  • review the whole session on ONE visual
  • put the original on the wall; share digital versions; printer posters

We'd love to talk with you about how to best capture your session or event and reach your objectives. 

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